innovative and intelligent customer solutions

VARIATA is a specialized developer and manufacturer in the market sectors of automotive emblems, brand emblems and technology miniatures for premium manufacturers. We clearly distinguish ourselves from other manufacturers by our unique and differentiated features - like the development of special fastening techniques and the distinctive 3D development of the metal emblems and miniatures.

Durability, maximum resilience and long service life are important features of our customer solutions, especially in the automotive and brand emblem market sectors. Production is carried out in accordance with the strict automotive guidelines and regulations in Germany. The production is regularly followed and documented by extensive trials and tests.


idea, development and construction

We realize our customer ideas and wishes as well as producing our own. This applies in particular to seat emblems, doormat plaques, furniture emblems, metal miniatures and metal emblems of all premium manufacturers. The customer needs are always our first priority .

Milling of Models

In our production process everything starts with the production of a master model: We realize the construction of the model in 2D, 2,5D and 3D. From this model, the mold is then produced for the planned process.

Creating a precision casting tree

For the first step in our vacuum casting production process we create a wax or plastic injection tree mold which later will be absorbed by the casting mold as a ‘lost model’.

Casting Metal Emblems

In the precision casting process we work with silicone molds, which we create from the milled models. This technology has the advantage that it is fast and flexible for small quantities and for production run of up to 10,000 pieces. For larger quantities we work with die-cast molds.


Metal emblems, metal plaques and miniature models are hand-ground and mechanically deburred to obtain a homogeneous surface.


All metal emblems are checked before further processing for surface quality, evenness, parallelism and dimensional accuracy prior to further treatment in order to avoid any kind of deviation in advance.


Metal high-gloss emblems are galvanically copper-plated and then completely polished by hand. Hand polishing ensures a perfect and pore-free surface.

Fine Varnish

Fine varnishing is done with a special dispensing machines which deliver the requisite dose of special coatings that are resistant to acid, alkaline solutions, solvents and chemicals. Our used varnishes are automotive compliant and are stable and environmentally sustainable.

Final Inspection

Every metal emblem undergoes a final inspection. It is visually checked for markings and rear side patterns before it enters the shipping department .

Packaging and Shipping

The last step is to ensure safe and proper packaging before the metal emblems and metal miniatures leave our factory.

Our competence is reflected in the entire manufacturing depth for a complete in house production:

  • idea, development and construction
  • Production of 3D and 2D models
  • Production of molds
  • Precision casting techniques such as vacuum casting, die casting and precious metal casting
  • Surface treatment such as grinding, brushing and polishing
  • Galvanic Coatings
  • Fine varnish and protective coatings
  • Laser- and deep laser engravings
  • Adhesion technology
  • Assembly technology
  • Final inspection and shipment

VARIATA is certified in compliance withDIN ISO 9001:2015

VARIATA is certified in compliance with Din EN ISO 9001:2015 for Automotive emblems, Brand emblems and Technical-Miniatures. We always work according to the latest technical developments and regulations.

variata ist zertifiziert nach DIN ISO 9001:2015